UTM-Tri (Under Tire Mount-Triple Pole)
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UTM-Tri (Under Tire Mount-Triple Pole)

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The New UTM Flag Pole Mount by FlagPole Buddy is the only sturdy under tire mount that can be placed under the tire, without moving your vehicle. Setup your camp or tailgate and don’t worry that you forgot to put up the Flag Pole. Place the UTM under any tire or all 4 tires at any time. Its easy to remove by pulling on the built in grab handle, which allows it to be removed without disturbing your vehicle. So it can be easily stored when attending the big game. If you forget to remove it, it’s strong enough for the largest truck to drive over it without damage, while you’ll notice the bump and remember it’s there. The “V” fork design works with Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, RV, etc. It’s made in America of Hi-Grade, 1/8 "Steel, with a durable Powder Coat finish. “The Tailgater” comes standard in “Screaming Yellow” with (2) O-riings for dampening.  Patent Pending

The UTM-Tri allows for (3) Poles to be installed under one Tire.   With our UTM-Tri and poles (6) flages can be flown under one Tire or (24) Flages per vehicle. 

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