Hitch Mount w/o pole
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Hitch Mount w/o pole

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For the Coach without a ladder, we created a Mount that attaches to the Tow Bar.  Using the RV Hitch, which is a standard feature on most RV’s seemed to be the most obvious choice.  There are other Hitch Mounts on the market but with only a single point of contact, the fiberglass poles bangs on the top of the RV.  Our (2) mount system restrains the pole and moves the pivot point high enough to eliminate the pole hitting  the top of the RV.” With a few turns of the Cam Lock the post is removed for quick and easy access to the engine bay doors , while the base plate stays mounted to the Tow Bar.  

It’s made in America and Stainless Steel 

Kit comes with:

- (1) Tow Bar Mount SS
- (2) U-Bolts  SS
- (4) Nuts & Washers  SS
- (1) Post  SS
- (1) Cam Lock 
- (1) Lower FPB Cup
- (1) Upper FPB Twist Mount

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